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Goddess 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Goddess 3 Eyeshadow Palette


Being in the makeup industry for many years I have often seen the Greek versions of the Goddess celebrated. So when I started the Goddess eyeshadow palette series, I wanted to do so with an Egyptian theme.

I love the concept of being a Goddess. No matter what legends you’ve  read, Goddesses are known to be just as powerful as the men, beautiful and equally adored or feared. They are magic.

Although immortal and wise, Goddesses are usually far from perfect and like the Gods are prone to terrible temper tantrums when they are angry or can’t get their way. I feel like they are literally the children of the cosmos. They represent the perfect dualistic storm of masculine/feminine energy that rages inside of us.

Each Goddess palette is named after some powerful immortals as well as some modern day women that I know or admire for their strength and resilience. May their names and their deeds live on forever. 

These palettes mean so much to me, and this week marks the launch of the the Goddess 3 palette. Each color and name was carefully chosen. It is a mixture of earthy matte shades that range from a soft brown to a deep eggplant as well as a little bit of shimmer that you can dress up or down for an added pop of color. 

I like to dampen a flat square brush and press Pakhet in the base of my lashes for a softer lined look with a little depth and then smudge Satet on top when I want to dress it up.

On the back of each Goddess 3 palette is the following inscription: 

To be a Goddess is to be an immortal, compassionate, courageous seeker of truth. She fears nothing and knows who  she is as  she weathers through life’s many storms. She carries within her the eternal energies of inspiration, creativity and self love. She is powerful. She is authentic. Tap into your inner truth with these goddess inspired eyeshadows.

Be strong. Be yourself. Know your worth. 

As human beings we are all challenged by this world every day differently. It is my hope that whenever you wear a Goddess palette that not only do you love it, but that it speaks to you as you go about your daily rituals of preparing to face this new unpredictable world. 

Founder/Creator of GlōGirl Cosmetics






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