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New Highlighter Shades!

New Highlighter Shades!

I’m so excited for the upcoming launch of the new color extensions in our vegan highlighter collection!

 The naming of each product is always done with intention. They are  often inspired by my immediate surroundings, be it from an interview that I saw, a movie, a song or a book and sometimes just a random conversation that I ear hustled.

Words are such powerful expressions of language. Whether you read them, write them or speak them, they express feelings and inspire ideas. I am very inspired by my cultural surroundings and life itself.

 Each new highlighter shade is packed with pigment that can be used on both the eyes and face. I love mixing the colors and adding them on top of a matte bronzer for a subtle radiant finish. The colors are also amazing  for the perfect  summer glō, but can be a subtle winter glō as the seasons change.

 Be on the lookout for the summer drop and sign up for the latest product info. We can’t wait to reveal these new shades and I hope that  you will  enjoy them as much as I love them!




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Goddess 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Goddess 3 Eyeshadow Palette


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